Professional Flight Instruction

Our carefully selected instructors come with a wealth of experience across many different airframes.  We provide a boutique instruction service, specializing in customers owned aircraft.

If you plan on purchasing an airplane, and would like to take advantage of our consulting services, we will be happy to transition you to your new aircraft, whether it be a single engine piston airplane, or a multi-engine high performance, or even a turbo/turbine transition, we can handle that for you.


​A different kind of instruction....

We offer boutique flight instruction that you can not obtain at general Arizona flight schools.  Have you dreamed of flying a tailwheel airplane, flying formation, mountain training, etc?  We've done it if you can dream of it.  Most of our training is conducted at Tucson International Airport, or Marana Regional Airport, however we can make arrangements for other locations.  

​Soaring the Arizona Sky-Glider Flights

Have you dreamed of soaring with the birds and experiencing unpowered flight?  Arizona has some of the best soaring in the world.  200 mile flights for hours at a time and 15,000 feet are not uncommon!  We can take you on a ride of your life, or even provide glider instruction.  We have a great soaring club, Tucson Soaring Club where you can receive instruction and become a glider pilot, or just go for a ride!

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